Health Information Management

This programme is designed to provide the technician with knowledge, skill to assists in planning, collating, discriminating, monitoring and manage information required at the local, state and federal levels in other to ensure effective and comprehensive national health care delivery.


 At the end of the course, a technician of this programme should be able to:

i.                    Assists in planning and organizing health information services in health delivery system.

ii.                   ii. Organize and control health records, under supervision, in health establishment.

iii.                iii. Collect, store, retrieve and preserve health information.

iv.                iv. Collect, analyze, present health statistical data under supervision.

v.                 v. Participate in planning quality control evaluation, researches in health delivery system and other relevant communities in defining, stand health information.

vi.               vi. Assist in designing standardizing and controlling health record form. LEVELS OF THE PROGRAMME

Health Information Technician i.e. certificate course in health information management.


 Its duration shall be three academic sessions of six semesters including supervised clinical work experience (S.I.W.E.S.)  



 The prospective candidates intending to read for Technical course in health information management must possess a minimum of five passes, three of which must be at credit level at a sitting at the senior secondary school certificate examination (S.S.C.E.) or its equivalent. Subjects to be passed must include English language, mathematics, biology or health science and two other subjects. In exceptional cases, matured candidates with fewer qualifications but with at least 7 years working experience in the Nigerian Health information management board.

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