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Medical Laboratory Science is a profession that cuts across a wide spectrum of healthcare on account of the vital role it plays on the health of patient. The diagnosis involves the use of body fluid e.g. blood, semen, pus, feaces, urine and have drastically helped in disease management, fore casting and management of disease ailment as well as public health surveillance. The Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria train and license three different Cadres of professions. They include Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS), Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), and Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA).

The MLS training takes a period of six years, MLT takes a period of three years while MLA takes a period of two years. 


Just like other health profession in the country, the Medical Laboratory is regulated by Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) which was empower by act no 11 0f 2003 to regulate the practice of medical laboratory science in Nigeria further more to eradicate the worrisome menace of impersonators and quacks in the profession. 


The act no 11 2003 guide all practitioner of Medical Laboratory with the following objective of code of conduct, they include: -

            I.            To enable practitioner in Nigeria to maintain correct attitude universally expected of them.

          II.            To meet with the prescriptions of the medical laboratory science council

       III.            To ensure that all practitioners carry on their professional duties in a manner that earns the trust of the patient and the respect of the society for the profession.

      IV.            To let the public know what they can expect from practitioner. 



i.        Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA)

ii.      Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) 

    Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) 

  Duration of training

The programmed is for two calendar year having four (4) semesters


 Certificate to be obtained

At the end of two year training, the student will obtained a certificate in Medical Laboratory Assistant


 Entry requirements

The candidate must possess a minimum of three 3 O level credits in not more than two sitting at SSCE, NECO and NABTEB including Biology, English and at least a pass in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

The result obtained should be within five years prior to registration with (MLSCN) Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria.


Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT)


 Duration of training

The programmed shall last for three calendar year having six semesters


 Certificate to be obtained

At the end of the training the candidate shall obtain a Diploma Certificate in (MLT).


Entry requirement

The candidate shall possess a minimum of four credit passes at least not more than two sitting at SSCE|NECO|NABTEB including English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and atleast a pass in Physics. 


The minimum qualification of trainers must be a university degree in MLS (BSC, BMLS) Associate Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (AMLSCN) in relevant discipline.   







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